• Azalea Golden Flare

    Vivid yellow single blooms with reddish orange blotch are enormous with each floret nearly three inches across. Showy flowers deserve close up inspection in high profile areas of the garden. Create a long range focal point with this immense variety. Exceptional in Asian inspired gardens. Late season. Prefers acidic soil. Deciduous shrub. Full to partial sun. Moderate growth 6 to 8 feet tall, 4 to 6 feet wide.

  • Azalea Japonica Madame Van Hecke

    Compact habit a dwarf rhododendron shrub. Flowers pink in May. Acid soil. Good in sun or light shade. Evergreen. Back-fill with peat and a suitable fertiliser.

  • Azalea Japonica Mount Everest

    A dwarf evergreen shrub with compact habit White flowers in May. Plant in acid soil (add peat). Ericaceous feed.Best in dappled or semi shade. Grows 3"- 10" a year dependant on seasonal variation, watering and feeding.

  • Azalea Japonica Rustika in Variety Bush

    Compact habit . a dwarf evergreen shrub. pink flowers in May. Acid soil. Good in sun or light shade.

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