• Cercis Canadensis Forest Pansy

    Eastern Redbud. A spreading shrub or small tree with beautiful. heart-shaped. dark purple-red leaves. Deep crimson. purple or pink flowers are borne before the leaves appear. Height 4m. Spread 2m. Deciduous. Hardy. Sheltered Site.

  • Cercis Chinensis Avondale

    Small and compact. at ten feet or less The flowers are profuse and deep violet-pink. Chinensis is a Chinese redbud a small tree or shrub bearing glossy green leaves and pink or violet hued flowers on bare stems.Beautiful. spreading. multi-stemmed tree. Leaves are heart-shaped and pointed at the tips. up to 4 inches long. bronze to burgandy when young, turning yellow in the fall.

  • Cercis Lavender Twist

    Pink flowers. Exceptional small characteristic weeping tree Very graceful and pendulous growth habit Excellent heavy blooming tree on naked branches Excellent focus plant Very new cultivar Prefers well drained medium soils likes water, but not standing in wet conditions Height 1.5 - 3m+

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