• Cistus purpureus Alan Fradd 3L pot

    'Alan Fradd' is a large-flowered cultivar bearing tissue-thin white flowers. Each petal has a central crimson blotch at the base and a boss of golden anthers. Shrubs reach around 1m in height

  • Cistus Sunset

    Rock Rose.Sun Rose. A mound-forming shrub with dull green leaves. grey-green beneath. and saucer-shaped. purple / cerise pink flowers. with gold stamens. Height 75cm. Spread 90cm.. Flowers from May to August. Evergreen. Frost hardy. Sheltered Site.

  • Cistus x Corbariensis

    Rock Rose.Sun Rose. corbariensis is a rounded, evergreen shrub with shiny green leaves and pink buds that open to pure white, with yellow centres throughout summer.

  • Cistus x Pulverulentus Sunset

    Rock Rose.Sun Rose. A compact spreading shrub with wavy-margined. grey-green leaves. Rose-pink flowers with a yellow centre. Height 60cm. Spread 90cm. Flowers from June to September. Evergreen.. Frost hardy. Sheltered Site.

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