'Images courtesy of David Austin Roses'

  • Rosa Climber David Austin Graham Thomas (Ausmas)

    A fragrant modern shrub rose with glossy dark green leaves. Pretty fully double rich and true yellow flowers produced from summer to autumn. Height 8ft 2.4m. Spread 1.5m.. Flowers from June to September. Tea rose fragrance with upright and bushy habit

  • Rosa Climber David Austin St Swithun (Auswith)

    Fragrant English Shrub Rose. Large saucer shaped flowers filled with small soft pink petals at the centre and palest pink at the edges. Very tough, reliable and healthy. Strong tea rose scent. 8 feet.

  • Rosa Shrub David Austin Boscobel (Auscousin)

    A fragrant. shrub rose with dark green leaves forming a well shaped bush. Rich salmon flowers from dark red buds many petaled flowers scented with myrrh and pear and almond. In every way a good garden rose that is very reliable.

  • Rosa Shrub David Austin Charlotte (Auspoly)

    One of the most beautiful yellow roses with exquisite cup-shaped flowers. Pleasant tea fragrance. Attractive bushy growth. Excellent repeat-flowering.

  • Rosa Shrub David Austin Darcy Bussell (Ausdecorum)

    One of the best David Austin reds, very healthy, free flowering and quite short. A fragrant, bush rose, large, fully double rosette shaped flowers of deep crimson. Very healthy variety with a strong tea rose scent, touched with cedar wood.1m high

  • Rosa Shrub David Austin Gentle Hermione (Ausrumba)

    Fragrant English Shrub Rose. Soft pearly pink outer petals with a delicate blush pink centre to this flat cupped rose. Strong, warm classic rose scent with a hint of myrrh.

  • Rosa Shrub David Austin Imogen (Austritch)

    Distinctive soft lemon blooms paling to cream. An extremely floriferous and healthy rose with a natural radiance and charm. The rounded soft lemon blooms are distinctive in character, with many delicately frilled petals arranged around a classic button eye. It forms a sturdy, upright shrub.

  • Rosa Shrub David Austin Lady Emma Hamilton (Ausbrother)

    Buds are a most wonderful dark red with dashes of orange. When fully open the flowers are a lovely mixture of rich, almost tangerine orange on the inside of the petals and a more yellow orange on the outside; the whole set off against the very dark, bronzy green leaves that only slowly become dark green with age. It is a fairly upright but bushy shrub of medium height.

  • Rosa Shrub David Austin Lady of Shalott (Ausnyson)

    One of the most reliable and hardy roses produced by David Austin. Very disease resistant blooming all season rich orange red buds open to chalice shaped blooms, salmon pink on top and golden yellow reverse. Warm tea scent.

  • Rosa Shrub David Austin Mary Rose (Ausmary)

    A fragrant, shrub rose with dark green leaves forming a well shaped bush. Rose pink loose petaled flowers, scented with honey and almond blossom. In every way a good garden rose that is very reliable.1.2m

  • Rosa Shrub David Austin Munstead Wood (Ausbernard)

    Deep velvety crimson blooms, flat cupped flowers with strong old rose fragrance with fruity tones of blueberry and damson. Forms a broad bushy shrub

  • Rosa Shrub David Austin Princess Alexandra of Kent (Ausmerchant)

    Fragrant English Shrub Rose. Magnificent deep cupped blooms in rich pink. Deliciously fragrant. Short and well rounded. Very healthy.

  • Rosa Shrub David Austin Princess Anne (Auskitchen)

    Fragrant English Shrub Rose. Clusters of beautifully deep pink blooms with a slightly looser flower petal pattern. Flowers over a long season. Compact habit and very healthy.

  • Rosa Shrub David Austin Tranquillity (Ausnoble)

    Very large , white ,beautifully rounded, open blooms with a hint of cream in the centre. Scented of delicate apple. Almost thornless. 1m high.

  • Rosa Shrub David Austin Winchester Cathedral (Auscat)

    A fragrant, shrub rose with dark green leaves. Pretty double, white flowers, produced in summer. Height 1.2m. Spread 1.2m. Flowers from June to August. Deciduous. Masses of flowers on a bushy plant. Honey and almond scent.

  • Rosa Shrub David Austin Wisley 2008 (Ausbreeze)

    Classic David Austin cupped shaped open flowers with delightfully arranged petals. Soft pink flowers. Excellent health and disease resistance. Fruity tea fragrance.

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