• Eucalyptus Azura

    Slower growing, compact bushy habit. Intense silvery blue foliage. Good choice for hedge/screen. Exceptionally hardy. Easy to grow.

  • Eucalyptus gunni

    This fast-growing evergreen tree can be planted in a large space as a stand-alone specimen or kept to smaller proportions using pruning methods such as coppicing or pollarding. The foliage is often used in flower arranging.

  • Eucalyptus gunni France Bleu Rengun

    Aromatic blue-green foliage, narrow and elegant, reddish-brown young branches, light silhouette, dwarf shrub-like and well-branched shape. Ideal all year long, in containers to decorate the balcony, the terrace, or also planted in association with other shrubs in small gardens.

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