• Sambucus Chocolate Marzipan

    Large marzipan-scented flower heads later than normal between July and October. Dark beige foliage with a white mid-stripe.

  • Sambucus Golden Spark

    It is a medium growing shrub with bright golden variegations at the tips of each leaf. These turn creamy yellow as the season progresses. The Sambucus has masses of white flowers in early summer, which can be used in the same way as native elderflower.

  • Sambucus nigra Aurea

    Black Elder. An upright bushy shrub with golden yellow leaves. Musk-scented white flowers in early summer, followed by glossy black fruit. Height 6m. Spread 6m. Flowers from May to June. Fruit colour Black. Fruits from August Deciduous. Hardy. Planting instructions Back-fill with soil mixed with peat and a suitable fertiliser.

  • Sambucus nigra Black Lace

    Black Elder. An upright bushy shrub with young leaves flushed dark purple. turning red in autumn. Gorgeous pink flowers in early summer followed by glossy black fruit suitable for wine making. Height 3m. Spread 6m. Flowers from May to June.

  • Sambucus nigra Black Tower

    This tall and slender deciduous shrub is primarily grown for its foliage, which emerges green in spring, but (if exposed to lots of sun) will soon turn a deep burgundy colour. In early summer, the stems are crowned with big, flattened sprays of lightly perfumed, small pink flowers. Height 2.5m. Spread 1.5m.

  • Sambucus nigra Thunder Cloud

    Black Elder. Dark, chocolate-purple leaves which colour up best in a sunny position and large clusters of rich pinkish-white flowers in summer.

  • Sambucus racemosa Plumosa Aurea

    Red-berried Elder. A bushy shrub with finely cut leaves, bronze when young, turning golden yellow. Small creamy yellow flowers in spring, followed by glossy red fruit. Height 3m. Spread 3m. Sun or shade. Flowers from April to May.

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