8 of the best plants for hanging baskets

We’re often asked for our advice on the best plants for hanging baskets, but of course a lot of it really depends on your personal taste and where you’re going to locate it once it’s planted.

In our previous blog we looked at the best compost to use for your baskets – so this time around we’ve picked out 8 of our favourite plants to fill them, and the reasons why we think they’re the perfect choice.

Our favourite hanging basket plants

Here are our top picks, in no particular order...



Always a popular choice because they’re pretty hardy and can cope with the fluctuating British weather. Happy to bathe in the sun or wallow in a little shade, these cascading beauties come in a range of colours, which they’ll hang on to all summer long.

Busy Lizzy - a perfectly pink addition to any hanging basket


this group of plants include the lovely Busy Lizzy, a perfectly pink addition to any hanging basket. Red, white and raspberry colours are all also available and they work well for basket planting because they have a long flowering season and can cope with sun or shade.

Latana - one of the best plants for hanging baskets


One of the best plants for hanging baskets is the pink, yellow centred lantana, but do make sure it gets plenty of direct sunshine if you want to maximise its potential.

Fuchsia x hybrida Cecile 9cm pot


Blacky, and deep purple are undeniably eye-catching, but one of the hardiest fuchsias for your baskets is the cecile, whose long trailing flowers will turn heads and last the season through.

Lobelia Erinus adds a splash of blue to your hanging basket


We love a lobelia, and your baskets will too! Opt for lobelia erinus in deep blue for an electric addition to your colourful display. Dainty to look at and dainty by nature, you do need to keep it out of the harsh midday sun if you want to get the best blooms.

Petunia Picasso in Pink 9cm pot


One of the best plants to choose for your hanging display has to be petunias, because they’re not just reliable, but also robust. Pink, white, blue and red are all stunning choices and they will keep smiling in the sunshine all summer long.

Brachyscombe x multifida Surdaisy Strawberry Pink 7cm pot

Surdaisy® Brachyscome

Flowering from spring right through to autumn, this abundant stunner will keep its colour without any yellowing of the leaves and will flourish in any conditions – a brilliant basket all-rounder.

Cosmos Bipinnatus Sonata

Cosmos Bipinnatus Sonata

This feathery friend looks great planted in the centre of a hanging basket, with its large white flowers – look out for other varieties too. One word of caution though, cosmos doesn’t play well with frost, so bear that in mind if you’re planting early.

Want more ideas for hanging baskets?

Of course this is only a little taste of the best plants for hanging baskets, so please feel free to browse our basket section for further inspiration... and if you have any of your own favourites, please share them with us on Facebook so everyone can get some new ideas!

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