• Bidens ferulifolia Pot Royal Double 7cm pot

    Bidens is a perfect container/basket plant with its cascade/branching habit, colourful flowers and ferny green foliage. 9cm (H10cmx9cmx9cm Tapered)

  • Bidens ferulifolia Taka Tuka 7cm pot

    Yellow golden with creamy yellow tips - the star-shaped flowers of the Sonnenmarie (Bidens ferulifolia) 'Taka Tuka' are simply magnificent! They are further decoratively highlighted by their contrast to the dark-green foliage. Therefore they are jolly eye-catchers on balconies, patios or beds. The plants are Well-branched and grow new flowers all summer long. They are perfect for balcony boxes, tubs or hanging baskets due to their overhanging shoots in sunny and half-shaded locations. The Sonnenmarie 'Taka Tuka' perfectly chimes in with other summer flowers such as geraniums and petunias in mixed beds.

  • Blechnum penna-marina 3L pot

    Broadly pinnate dark green dull-glazed evergreen fronds form dense low ground-cover in a shady spot. Height 15-20cm. Spread Indefinite. Evergreen. Hardy.

  • Blechnum Spicant 3L pot

    Hard Fern. The native hard fern. A very pretty fern with good neat clumps of comb-like fronds. Height 40cm. Spread 60cm. Evergreen. Hardy.

  • Bletilla striata 3L pot

    A pretty orchid with strap-like green leaves and magenta-pink flowers. Mulch in winter or lift and store dry and frost-free. Height 40cm. Spread 40cm. Flowers from April to July. Herbaceous. Sheltered Site.

  • Borage 9cm pot

    Bushy plant with large bristly hairy leaves. Attractive to bees, very useful for beekeepers. Used for flavouring cordials. Sprinkle flowers over salads. Ht 30 - 50 cm. Annual.

  • Borecole (Kale) Black Magic 9cm pot

    Improved Cavalo Nero Type. A black tuscany type with striking dark , narrow well textured leaves. Slow to bolt and good cold tolerance.

  • Borecole (Kale) Emerald Ice 9cm pot

    Excellent eating qualities. The textured, ruffled, green leaves develop a very striking white centre as they mature. Very sweet flavour coupled with crisp texture. Suitable for multiple cuts. Pick when young or mature.

  • Borecole (Kale) F1 Winterbor 9cm pot

    Dark blue - green finely curled leaves. Medium - tall variety suitable for autumn and winter harvest. Very frost resistant.

  • Borecole (Kale) Midnight Sun 9cm pot

    This attractive kale variety has a deep red textured leaf and a striking pink mid vein running through the leaf. Suitable for multiple cuts. Best suited to baby leaf but also works well as a mature plant.

  • Bouteloua gracilis 3L pot

    A perennial grass with leaves to 60cm long, lightly curling at the tips giving a bushy frothy effect. Brownish purple spikelets form the flower head in summer.

  • Brachyglottis greyi

    Open mound-forming bush with shallowly scalloped, white-hairy at first, dark green leaves. Bright yellow daisy-like flowers. Height 2m. Spread 3m. Flowers from June to August. Evergreen. Hardy.

  • Brachyglottis Walberton's Silver Dormouse

    Compact, dense plant with largish gray-felted leaves and white undersides. An improvement on 'Sunshine' being less prone to legginess, brown leaves, and stem die-back.

  • Brachyscombe x multifida Surdaisy Strawberry Pink 7cm pot

    Popular in Europe, Surdaisy® produces hundreds of flowers in continuous color, March through October. Durable plants withstand cold, rain and sun. Excellent branching. Pink has largest flowers and darkest foliage. Yellow is unique. White make excellent groundcovers. The varieties work great in combinations and also as mono crop. Surdaisy® produces a mass of daisies and blooms continuously from spring into autumn. This much-loved Brachyscome hybrid is resistant to rain and likes a sunny location. With its self-cleaning and excellent garden performance, Surdaisy® is the ideal plant for the modern consumer. This strong variety is suitable for different uses, doing well in hanging baskets, balcony baskets and as a bedding plant. Surdaisy® copes well with slightly dry growing conditions and its leaves will not yellow.

  • Broad Bean Aquadulce 12-pack

    A very early maturing variety. Very good cold tolerance. Semi compact plants (90cm high) with high yields of pods containing 6-7 white beans per pod.

  • Broad Bean Grano Violetto 12-pack

    A unique and colourful early maturing broad bean. Fresh seed is green whilst dried seed is purple. A heritage variety with excellent flavour. Very hardy variety that handles frost well.

  • Broad Bean Imperial Green Longpod 12-pack

    A tall variety. High yields with extra long pods. 5 - 8 green beans per pod. Very good flavour.

  • Broad Bean Robin Hood 12-pack

    A very uniform, compact variety with a neat habit. Ideal for growing in patio containers and smaller gardens. Flavoursome beans are ideal for freezing (wont discolour). Heavy cropper. Ht 30-45cm. RHS AGM.

  • Broad Bean Scorpio 12-pack

    A high yielding variety producing clusters of 4 - 5 pods which are easy to pick. Small to medium tender, succulent white beans with good flavour and texture. Ht 3'

  • Broad Bean The Sutton 12-pack

    Popular dwarf variety. 45cm high. Good yields of 6 - 8 white beans per pod. Ideal for small gardens. A good choice for exposed areas.

  • Broad Bean Witkiem Manita 12-pack

    Produces top quality white beans. Suitable for late sowings in order to extend harvesting period. Plant height 3 ft.

  • Broccoli Cardinal 9cm pot

    A purple sprouting broccoli which produces large deep purple spears with very good flavour. Harvest from mid March through to mid May. Plant 45cm apart.

  • Broccoli Early Purple Sprouting 9cm pot

    A purple sprouting broccoli with sweet tender florets. The good quality spears can be harvested over several weeks - ready for harvest February to March. Plant 45cm apart.

  • Broccoli F1 Red Fire 9cm pot

    An outstanding winter hardy variety that produces uniform, erect plants. Excellent colour to the medium to large sized heads. High yielding. Harvest end of January to beginning of March.

  • Broccoli Rudolph 9cm pot

    Very early variety of high quality well coloured, good sized purple spears. High yield. Harvest Oct - Feb. Plant 45cm apart.

  • Broccolli F1 Burbank 9cm pot

    A hybrid white variety. Produces a high yield of succulent spears on strong, vigorous plant. Harvest mid February to early April.

  • Brokali F1 Atlantis 9cm pot

    A unique cross between Broccoli and Chinese Kale. There is very little waste and the stems are as tender as the shoots. After cutting the main head many side shoots can be harvested. Matures 60 days after sowing.

  • Brunnera Alchemy Pewter 3L pot

    Striking heart-shaped pewter colored leaves with prominent green veins. Demonstrates great vigor, making strong crowns quickly.

  • Brunnera Alchemy Silver 3L pot

    Striking heart-shaped silver colored leaves with prominent green veins. Demonstrates great vigor, making strong crowns quickly.

  • Brunnera Alexanders Great 3L pot

    Great for under-planting to trees and shrubs or add in with your favourite border.This low maintenance perennial plant thrives in shade but will happily perform in sunny locations too.

  • Brunnera Diane's Gold 3L pot

    Striking yellow foliage and blue flowers.

  • Brunnera macrophylla Jack Frost 3L pot

    Brunnera are rhizomatous herbaceous perennials with large, ovate or heart-shaped basal leaves and sprays of small bright blue flowers in spring. 'Jack Frost' is a perennial grown for its large, heart-shaped silver leaves edged and veined with green, and sprays of small blue flowers in spring. Ultimate height 0.1-0.5 metres, Ultimate spread 0.5-1 metres.

  • Brunnera macrophylla Sea Heart 3L pot

    Thick, heart-shaped leaves that are green-on-silver with pronounced veining. Sprays of two-tone pink and blue Forget-me-not flowers appear in spring.

  • Brunnera macrophylla Variegata 3L pot

    Perennial with heart-shaped leaves with narrow creamy white margins. Airy sprays of forget-me-not-like bright blue flowers. Height 45cm. Spread 60cm. Flower colour Blue. Flowers from April to May. Herbaceous. Hardy.

  • Brunnera Silver Heart 3L pot

    Large, mint green, heart-shaped leaves are coated with silver. Sprays of soft blue flowers. Great for all locations sun or shade. Flowers late spring, an essential perennial.

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