Cretan Pots: Ceramics have been used for the maintenance of foods, oil and wine as well as for decoration of Minoan Palaces. The entire Cretan Pot range is hand-thrown on a potter's wheel, even the biggest, as opposed to 'mass produced' moulded pots. Even the clay the pots are made from is specially selected for its mineral content to ensure a robust, frost proof end product. The larger pots take several days to complete. The potter carefully adds height to the walls of each pot, then letting it dry; so allowing the finished height to be attained without the pot collapsing under its own weight. After completion, the pot is allowed to dry out and then fired in a kiln at very high temperature for at least 14 hours. After the initial firing time, it is slowly cooled for a further 14 hours. To complete the process, the pot is stood outside and left for at least 24 hours filled to the brim with water. It is this process that gives the pot its frost resistant qualities.

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