Here at Vertigrow Plant Nursery, our primary objective is to provide our customers with the widest possible choice of plants, including those for the more discerning gardener, with plants from locations including Spain and Italy.

From Ant Powder to Patio Cleaner and Miracle Grow to Lawnseed, we also stock a comprehensive range of essential garden sundry products, to assist in maintaining and developing gardens of all sizes.

We can deliver sundries within a 35 mile radius of the nursery.

  • Tumble Weed RTU 1L

    This TumbleWeed Ready To Use is an extra strong, systemic weedkiller, designed for tough jobs. TumbleWeed kills from the inside out - right down to the deepest root so they will not grow back. It starts to attack the roots of annual and perennial weeds immediately with results visible after 2-4 weeks, leaving the soil ready for planting.

  • Verdone 250ml Concentrate Lawn Weedkiller

    Good for killing weeds. Kills dandelions,daisies and clovers. Treats up to 167 2MSQ. Kills weeds not lawn.

  • Verdone 500ml Concentrate Lawn Weedkiller

    Good for killing weeds. Kills dandelions,daisies and clovers. Treats up to 167 2MSQ. Kills weeds not lawn.

  • Verdone RTU Lawn Weedkiller 800ml

    Selective lawn weedkiller spray. Ideal for spot treatments and small weed patches.Kills many common lawn weeds.Won't harm grass. Ready-to-use spray - no mixing. no fuss

  • Vitax Citrus Summer Feed 200g

    Promotes strong healthy growth and improved fruiting.High nitrogen content is ideal for citrus plants. Discourages premature ripening, fruit drop and leaf discolouration. Apply weekly from April to September.

  • Vitax Green Up Liquid Feed & Weed 1lt

    This Vitax Green Up Liquid Feed & Weed is both a fertiliser and weedkiller in one. The weedkiller works to see off unwanted weeds, while the high nitrogen fertiliser promotes rapid green-up of the lawn and encourages fast growth to cover any bare patches left by dead weeds. The formula is diluted in a watering can and applied via the rose attachment or dribble bar. It can also be applied using a knapsack or other sprayer. For best results, you just avoid mowing the lawn approximately three days prior and one day after treatment. Vitax, who work closely with The National Forest, are a synonymous name when it comes to quality lawn care products and this Feed & Weed will help brighten up your outdoor area and iron out those blemishes on your lawn. The 1 litre bottle treats 200m2.

  • Vitax Orchid Feed 200g

    For healthy growth and improved flowering. A specifically developed high nitrogen soluble feed to counter nutrient adsorption in highly organic growing media and encourage healthy growth. How to Use: Mix 0.5 ml measure of Vitax Orchid Feed in 1 litre of water and apply during the growing season. At monthly intervals flush the growing media with clean water to avoid the build-up of soluble salts.

  • Weedol Max Weedkiller 1L

    Convenient ready-to-use weedkiller that is super fast and effective

  • Weedol Rootkiller Plus Weedkiller (8 tubes)

    Weedol Rootkill Plus has a systemic action which kills weeds and roots. It's a unique fast acting agent - visible results in 24 hours. The tubes are easy to use - no mixing, no measuring, no mess!

  • Weedol Rootkiller Plus Weedkiller 250ml

    Unique, exclusive next generation fast acting agent with visible results within hours. Systemic weed killer - kills down to the roots so that weeds do not come back. Approved for use on hard surfaces. Children and pets can play on treated areas once dry.

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