• Hyacinth (unprepared) Blue Magic

    'Blue Magic' is a clump-forming, bulbous perennial with upright to semi-upright, linear, dark grey-green leaves and, in spring, erect stems bearing dense, terminal spikes of small, urn-shaped, blue flower with white edges.

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) Carnegie

    The Carnegie hyacinth is a soft white coloured hyacinth with compact flowers. Like other Dutch hyacinths, it is highly perfume scented and provides a pleasant aroma to any spring garden. Plant Carnegie hyacinth bulbs in the autumn for mid-spring bloom. The Carnegie hyacinth is excellent for outdoor planting in rows or as borders, and is also excellent for forcing in indoors containers.

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) China Pink

    China Pink has a wonderful scent and a soft pink colour.

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) City of Haarlem

    One of the best loved hyacinths of all time. Very soft primrose yellow, maturing to ivory. 'City of Haarlem' hyacinth will fill your garden and favorite containers with cheerful color. These hyacinths blend well with muscari and pansies.

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) Delft Blue

    Plant at least 10cm deep and approx 10-12cm apart. For planting in the garden, beds, or borders it is best to plant in well drained soil which has been dug to a good depth.

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) Fondante

    Hyacinth Fondant flowers in a soft, clear shade of pink and performs well in a wide range, from cold regions into warm zones. If you're wondering about growing hyacinths in your warm area garden, test with this cultivar as it performs better than most under those conditions.

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) Gipsy Queen

    'Gipsy Queen' is a perennial bulb to 30cm with upright, rich green leaves and stiffly erect spikes of fragrant, single pale salmon-orange flowers.

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) Jan Bos

    Jan Bos is a nice pink Hyacinth. All hyacinths are very fragrant and excellent plants for containers and pots when forcing. Jan Bos is the number one Hyacinth worldwide!

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) Lady Derby

    A delicate shell pink with large waxy bells spaced loosely along the stem. Beautiful old time favourite. End of January. Height : 25cm / 10".

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) Marie

    Hyacinth Marie bulbs grow into beautifully rich, dark blue hyacinths. These striking hyacinths flower in March through to April at a height of 25cm. Ideal in pots and containers and also beds and borders. Bedding hyacinths will grow in a wide range of soils provided there is good drainage. They like sunshine but the flowers will last longer in partial shade. Suitable for beds, borders and containers. The fragrant flowers are perfect for planting near doors, windows or pathways. Remove flowers when they fade but leave the stem and leaves to die back naturally. These bulbs may produce reasonable sized flowers for a number of years. Hyacinth bulbs can cause a skin irritation. Please use gloves or wash hands after handling.

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) Pink Pearl

    Scented bulbous perennial with large pink flowers in early spring. Top size bulb so very large.

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) Pink Surprise

    A sweetly scented flower, with cylindrical clusters of soft rose-pink flowers with creamy white margins. Fragrant and fabulous. Hyacinths are one of the most fragrant of all the spring bulbs. Combined with their dynamo colours, they really are quite something special. So wonderful are they that it is almost a shame to not plant a few each spring. Plant them along paths, or by your doors and windows so you can enjoy the heady scent. You can even plant them in pots and bring them indoors to enjoy the delicious fragrance as it wafts through your home.

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) Queen of the Violet

    Royal purple befitting for the Queen. Vivid and long-lasting, these Hyacinths are exceptional in size and fragrance!

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) Sky Jacket

    Hyacinth 'Sky Jacket' rewards gardeners with steely blue flowers in early to mid-spring. The plant grows 12 inches tall.

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) Woodstock

    The Hyacinth 'Woodstock', an Autumn planted bulb, is an intriguing beauty! Its mysterious iridescent burgundy purple color makes it the centerpiece of the border. You will be impressed! Combine it with yellow Daffodils for a spectacular garden picture. Grow them in or outdoors for their graceful shape, long-lasting blooms and sweet scent. Hyacinths are great for indoor forcing, containers, and borders. They flower in mid spring for a 3 - 4 week period.

  • Hyacinth (unprepared) Yellow Queen

    Hyacinth 'Yellow Queen' produces soft primrose yellow flowers. The colours are bright and lasting; size and fragrance are outstanding. Hyacinths can be used in many ways; in formal beds or groups or very effectively in informal ways-scattered in the border between ground covers and perennials or in small clumps in front of evergreens.Yellow Queen is excellent for window boxes.

  • Iris Cantab

    A small bulbous iris with cobalt blue flowers with deep Cambridge blue falls with a central yellow mark from late winter to early spring. Height 8-15cm. Spread 5cm. Flowers from February to March. Herbaceous. Hardy. Harmful if eaten.

  • Iris Danfordiae

    Spring flowering dwarf Iris for planting in Autumn. Best grown at the front of a sunny border or in patio pots so that the beauty of the falls (the 3 outer petals) and the standards (the 3 inner petals) can be seen at close quarters. Flowers have a delicious honey scent. Flowers: February - March Height: 15cm / 6in.

  • Iris Harmony

    A small bulbous iris with royal blue flowers with yellow central marks on the falls from late winter to early spring. Height 8-15cm. Spread 5cm. Flowers from February to March. Herbaceous. Hardy. Harmful if eaten.

  • Iris J.S.Dijt

    A small bulbous iris with reddish purple flowers from late winter to early spring. Height 8-15cm. Spread 5cm. Flowers from February to March. Herbaceous. Hardy. Harmful if eaten.

  • Iris Joyce

    A small bulbous iris with deep sky blue flowers with yellow and white marks on the falls from late winter to early spring. Height 8-15cm. Spread 5cm. Flowers from February to March. Herbaceous. Hardy. Harmful if eaten.

  • Iris Katharine Hodgkin

    A small bulbous iris with delicately patterned flowers of blue with yellow and blue marks on the falls from late winter to early spring. Height 8-15cm. Spread 5cm. Flowers from February to March. Herbaceous. Hardy. Harmful if eaten.

  • Iris reticulata Gordon

    A small bulbous iris with bright blue flowers in early spring. Falls are bright blue with orange marks. Height 15cm. Spread 5cm. Flowers from February to March. Herbaceous. Hardy.

  • Japanese Onions (qty 50)

    A high yielding, medium early variety, producing good quality globe shaped bulbs. Good tolerance of botrytis and downy mildew.

  • Lilium Blushing Joy

    Striking fiery red dwarf lily that sits upon dramatic upright stems with extraordinary dark green foliage. Height of up to 60cm. They are perfect for growing in pots or at the front of the border. 14/16cm bulbs. Flowers July to September.

  • Lilium Elegant Joy

    Long stems with stunning, large, scented outward facing trumpets. Pink and cream throated flowers. Height 45cm.

  • Lilium Fancy Joy

    Yellow flowers 60 cm high.

  • Lilium Mona Lisa

    A very pretty pale pink Lily with deep pink-red freckles. They are a must have for fronts of garden borders or for growing in patio pots and containers. With the wonderful fragrance, they are often used for cut flower arrangements. Flowering from June to August and growing to a height of 45cm.

  • Lilium Oriental Double Mixed

    Mixed Colours. Height 28" / 70cm. Flowering July - August.

  • Lilium Oriental Magic Star

    Double pink and white striped flowers. Height 90cm.

  • Lilium Oriental Polar Star

    Long stems with stunning large, double white flowers. Height 90cm.

  • Lilium Oriental Sweet Rosy

    Candy pink flowers edged soft pink and a white eye zone.

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