• Lilium Regale

    A beautiful Lily with very fragrant trumpet-shaped white flowers flushed purple on the outside in mid-summer. Height 1.2m. Flowers from June to July. Herbaceous.

  • Lilium Sparkling Joy

    White flowers 60 cm high.

  • Lilium Stargazer

    Long stems with scented deep pink and white flowers. Height 80cm. Plant 10cm deep outside or in pots.

  • Lilium Tower Honeymoon

    Tower Lilies. Height 200 cm in 2 years time. Large yellow flowers.

  • Lilium Tower Pretty Women

    Tower Lilies. Height 200 cm in 2 years time. Large white flowers.

  • Lilium Tower Purple Prince

    Tower Lilies. Height 200 cm in 2 years time. Large purple flowers.

  • Lilium Victory Joy

    Orange flowers 60 cm high.

  • Muscari Armeniacum

    Grape Hyacinth. A bulbous perennial with strap-like green leaves and pretty bell-shaped, densely bunched, double blue flowers. Height 20cm. Spread 5cm. Flowers from April to May. Herbaceous. Hardy.

  • Muscari Blue Spike

    'Blue Spike' is a small clump-forming bulbous perennial. It has linear basal leaves and in spring, bears spikes of fragrant, densely-packed, bell-shaped, blue flowers with white tips.

  • Muscari Plumosum

    Hardy, perennial. Double flowering. They thrive best in full sun with well-drained soil. They are easy to grow with long lasting blooms during March and April, being a low growing plant they are perfect in rockeries, pots and containers. They are spectacular when allowed to naturalize under trees or along walkways. The colours are very eye catching and look their best when planted in single colours.

  • Narcissus Binkie

    'Binkie' is a mid-season blooming daffodil with light yellow, single flowers fading to creamy-white. Daffodil 'Binkie' will look equally good in borders, in containers or as naturalised drifts in lawns. If planted in well-drained soil, your daffodil will require little looking after, giving you year-on-year colour. Large clumps that are not flowering as they used to can be sub-divided, which will re-invigorate and encourage a new flush of flowering.

  • Narcissus Bridal Crown

    A pretty early spring flowering bulb with white, double multi headed flowers. Bears one to three flowers per stem. Height 35cm. Flowers from March to April. Fragrant. Harmful if eaten/skin irritant.

  • Narcissus Canaliculatus

    Dwarf / Rockery daffodil flowering in late spring bearing lemon and white flowers. Height 15cm.

  • Narcissus Carlton

    'Carlton' is one of the most popular of the large-flowered narcissus as it blooms earlier than most. Its flowers are a fine strong yellow with a large trumpet. It can tolerate most soils that are well-drained but moist during the growing season. Plant bulbs at one and half times their own depth in sun or partial shade. Height 30cm.

  • Narcissus Cassata

    The cup or corona of the Narcissus is split open and lays against the flowers' outer petals. The cup length is more than the length of each outer petal. Some of these unique flowers are fragrant.

  • Narcissus Chanterelle

    Split Cup Daffodils are also known as Butterfly Daffodils and are unique among themselves. Their broad, flat, split cups are said to resemble graceful butterflies in flight. The beautiful colour combinations created by the unique variations of ruffled or frilly cups create a dramatic garden atmosphere. Blooms in early spring.

  • Narcissus Cragford

    A beautiful, white, orange-centred, multi-headed, deliciously scented narcissi which makes a fabulous and long-lasting pot plant and cut flower.

  • Narcissus Dick Wilden

    Daffodil Dick Wilden are clump forming bulbous perennial plants. They have striking sulphur-yellow flowers with a double trumpet.

  • Narcissus Dickcissel

    Flowers late spring, producing flowers with primrose yellow petals and a white cup. Height 25-35cm.

  • Narcissus Dutch Master

    'Dutch Master' is a perennial bulb to 45cm tall, with strap-shaped leaves and golden-yellow flowers up to 11cm across, with flared and dentate trumpet; very free-flowering in mid spring.

  • Narcissus Edna Earl

    This fragrant, Poeticus look-alike has large flowers with overlapping, white petals and a sunny orange-yellow cup with a frilled, red rim.

  • Narcissus February Gold

    A pretty, early spring flowering bulb with clear yellow petals and a deeper yellow frilled trumpet. Height 30cm. Flowers from March to April. Herbaceous. Hardy. Harmful if eaten/skin irritant.

  • Narcissus Flower Record

    Large cup. Fully hardy, perennial. Thrives in sun or light shade. Perfect for naturalising under trees, in the grassland, front borders, large pots and containers and they are probably the most popular out of all Spring flowers. Height 30cm.

  • Narcissus Geranium

    'Geranium' is a perennial bulb to 35cm in height, with narrow, dark glaucous green leaves and clusters of up to 6 fragrant white flowers 5cm in width, with deep orange-red cups.

  • Narcissus Gigantic Star

    The Gigantic Star Daffodils boast blooms that are quite large with an saffron yellow colour and a vanilla fragrance. This is a big, strong and early Daffodil- truly a classic! One of the easiest and hardiest daffodils. Height 50cm.

  • Narcissus Golden Ducat

    A stunning double Daffodil which produces fabulous golden double flowers. Superb when planted in clumps or allowed to naturalise. Hardy, they do well in full sun or partial shade. Make excellent cut flowers. Height 35cm.

  • Narcissus Hawera

    A pretty, multi-headed, late spring flowering bulb with canary yellow petals and short trumpets. Height 15-20cm. Flowers from March to April. Herbaceous. Hardy. Harmful if eaten/skin irritant.

  • Narcissus Ice Follies

    An extremely popular choice of creamy-white daffodil bulbs, with a flat crown that opens yellow but soon turns white. A very prolific daffodil indeed. Height 40cm.

  • Narcissus Ice King

    A highly recommended variety that will provide limitless pleasure for years to come. This peony shaped double flowering daffodil comprises of pale yellow outer petals, with darker yellow centres that will turn to ivory-white as the flowers mature.

  • Narcissus Itzim

    A pretty, mid-spring flowering bulb with soft yellow petals and a golden yellow cup. Bears one flower per stem. Height 35cm. Flowers from March to April. Herbaceous. Hardy. Harmful if eaten/skin irritant.

  • Narcissus Jack Snipe

    Generally speaking, daffodils perform best in full sun and well-drained soil, in areas where there is a fair amount of rainfall in the fall and spring and where the summer is relatively dry. However, cyclamineus-type daffodils seem to tolerate at least partial shade and more moisture than others do.

  • Narcissus Jenny

    A pretty, early and mid-spring flowering bulb with creamy white strongly reflexed petals and clear lemon-yellow trumpets fading to cream. Height 30cm. Flowers from March to April. Herbaceous. Hardy. Harmful if eaten/skin irritant.

  • Narcissus Jetfire

    A pretty, early to mid-spring flowering bulb with golden yellow perianth segments and long bright orange trumpets. Height 20cm. Flowers from March to April. Herbaceous. Hardy. Harmful if eaten/skin irritant.

  • Narcissus Manly

    'Manly' is a robust bulbous perennial to 45cm tall, with neat, fully double flowers to 5cm wide, with broadly ovate, very pale yellow segments interspersed with some smaller orange corona segments.

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