• Narcissi Pacific Coast

    A new enchanting yellow version of Narcissi Minnow. Ht. 15-20cm. Fl. March/April.

  • Narcissi Paperwhite

    Narcissus Paperwhite Grandiflora is a fragrant, indoor daffodil ideal for planting in bowls for table or windowsill displays. A beautifull white narcissus growing to around 40cm (16) in height and flowers indoors from November onwards. For growing indoors only, in pots or bowls. These bulbs start into growth early in the autumn and are unsuitable for growing outdoors in the average garden due to winter temperatures.

  • Narcissi Quail

    Daffodil. A pretty mid-spring flowering bulb small multi headed . bright yellow flowers. 25cm.

  • Narcissi Recurvus

    Fantastically fragrant, pure white May flowers with windswept petals and tiny, red-rimmed yellow cups. This old pheasant's eye narcissus is ideal for naturalising in grass. The small, sweetly scented blooms associate well with other native wildflowers, such as snake's head fritillaries and cowslips, which once flourished on moist pastureland.

  • Narcissi Silver Chimes

    Daffodil. Beautiful multi headed daffodil. Produces up to 10 heavily scented. creamy white flowers per stem in mid to late spring.

  • Narcissi Spring Fragrance Mixed (qty x 25)

    The more narcissi mixed bulbs you plant the greater the impact of the flowers. Plant in groups of at least 10 bulbs, or divide 25 to 50 evenly in a flower border. Narcissi grow best in loose, well-drained soil in a spot in full sun.

  • Narcissi Tete a Tete (qty 50)

    Daffodil. A pretty early spring flowering bulb with deep golden yellow petals and a deeper yellow cup. Bears one to three flowers per stem. Height 15cm. Flower colour Yellow. Flowers from March to April. Herbaceous. Foliage colour Green. Hardy. Planting instructions Back-fill with soil mixed with peat and a suitable fertiliser. Harmful if eaten/skin irritant

  • Narcissi Treasamble

    'Tresamble' is a clump-forming bulbous perennial with strap-shaped leaves. In spring, it bears clusters of fragrant flowers with white petals and cream cups.

  • Narcissi Tripartite

    Tripartite' is a clump-forming bulbous perennial with strap-shaped leaves and clusters of fragrant golden yellow flowers with split cups in spring.

  • Narcissi Waterperry

    A very dainty looking flower with ivory-white perianth segments and a delicate shell-pink cup, with a creamy-yellow base. The mouth of the cup tends to be a darker shade of pink. Slightly scented. Bears up to 3 flowers per stem. Height 35cm (14"). Flowers

  • Narcissus 'T

    'Tete-a-tete' is one of the most popular dwarf daffodils. Standing at only 15cm (6in) high, its small size makes it ideal for planting in patio containers or at the front of the border. The deep golden yellow flowers appear in early spring, with each stem bearing up to 3 blooms.

  • Oxalis Adenophylla (single)

    Shamrock. Sorrel. A clump-forming perennial with clover-like grey-green leaves and pretty funnel-shaped. purplish pink flowers with darker veins. Height 10cm. Spread 15cm. Flowers from April to May. Herbaceous. Hardy.

  • Puschkinia Libanotica

    Pale silver blue, tinted white. Height 15cm. Flowering March-Apri

  • Scilla Nutans - Blue Bell

    Picture a carpet of English bluebells drenched in warm april sunlight; their scented violet-blue bells nod delicately above glossy green foliage. These native beauties love to nestle in dappled shade at the base of trees, or for a particularly bold impact, try naturalising them in large informal areas of grass. Bluebell bulbs are ideal for autumn planting. For spring planting choose bluebells in the green. Height: 30 cm (12").

  • Scilla Tubergeniana

    A pretty early spring-flowering bulb with a basal clusters of narrow green leaves. Clusters of star-shaped silvery blue with darker stripes flowers. Height 10-15cm. Spread 5cm. Flower colour Blue. Silver. Flowers from March to April. Herbaceous. Foliage colour Green. Hardy. Harmful if eaten.

  • Snowdrop Galanthus (qty 20)

    The common snowdrop is one of the most popular of all cultivated bulbous plants, and its flowering is traditionally seen to herald the end of winter.

  • Snowdrop Galanthus Double (qty 10)

    Galanthus are dwarf bulbous perennials with linear or strap-shaped leaves, and solitary, often honey-scented, nodding flowers with 3 white outer tepals and 3 smaller inner ones often marked with green

  • Tulip (double early) Peach Blossom

    Fantastic, fully double, dark rose-pink flowers with greenish-white bases in March and April and strap-like, grey-green leaves. These delightful double early tulips are one of the first varieties to flower. Standing up well in wind and rain they make a lovely early spring display

  • Tulip (Double Late) Angelique

    Soft pink-on-pink double tulips so full of gorgeous petals they resemble peonies. Each stem carries multiple blooms that provide masses of long-lasting scented flowers.

  • Tulip (Double Late) Blue Diamond

    Tulip Double Late Blue Diamond has peony like huge violet-purple blooms that open early and last longer than many other varieties.

  • Tulip (Double Late) Carnaval de Nice

    Double tulips have large long lasting blooms that are excellent cut flowers. The double flower refers to the peony like bloom. Tulip double-late Carnaval de Nice (also known as Carnival Tulip) is white with red stripes but starts out green & white. Very beautiful in big groups.Symbolizes eternal happiness and perfect love! Official 11yr Wedding Anniversary flower too.

  • Tulip (Double Late) Cream Upstar

    The incredibly beautiful flowers, which appear late in the season, make welcome additions to spring bedding displays. Their soft yellow and pink colouring becomes stronger as the flowers age, and as it works so well with a number of other shades, these tulips can be used as a link for stronger pinks, purples and yellows. Good fragrance.

  • Tulip (Double Late) Hermione

    This lush peony-like bloom has fully-double petals of shimmering, light violet-rose with a white base. Fragrant. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. Late April. 20".

  • Tulip (Double Late) May Wonder

    May Wonder is a bulbous perennial with broad, lance-shaped, light green leaves and large (up to 10cm across), double, deep pink flowers in late-spring.

  • Tulip (Double Late) Miranda

    A pretty spring flowering bulb with double. stunning red flowers. Height 35cm.

  • Tulip (Double Late) Mount Tacoma

    A pretty spring flowering bulb with creamy white flowers Flowers from March to April. Herbaceous.

  • Tulip (Double Late) Orange Princess

    An award-winning tulip which is a double form of Princess Irene. It has rich orange petals flamed garnet red that are yellowish at the base and often tipped with green. The inside petals have a brownish tint. These delightful, multi-coloured bowl-shaped flowers top sturdy stems in April.

  • Tulip (Double Late) Uncle Tom

    Dark red double flower.Strong and long lasting

  • Tulip (Rockery A) Johann Strauss

    This beautiful dwarf variety is perfect for planting in containers or in the rockery. Ivory white flowers with red flashes.

  • Tulip (Rockery A) Oriental Beauty

    Tulip Oriental Beauty is a red Tulip flower bulb that loves to bloom in your garden

  • Tulip (Rockery A) Red Riding Hood

    The Red Riding Hood produces scarlet flowers with variegated foliage

  • Tulip (Rockery A) Stresa

    A nice, bright, sturdy little tulip, early into flower and capable of withstanding early spring weather.

  • Tulip (Rockery A) Toronto

    This tulip has rich coral red blooms accented by a broad stroke of green right up the centre of each petal, the flowers are long lasting and their sturdy long stems are excellent for bouquets. Plant in large groups for maximum impact. These tulips are ideal for rock gardens and containers because of their short size, and as an added attraction they have highly decorative green foliage with maroon coloured stripes or spots. Their flowers open wide in full sun. They are perfect for naturalising if you leave them alone, they will multiply and come back year after year.

  • Tulip (Rockery B) Gluck

    Flowering early spring, in large groups, can be left to naturalize and multiply to produce masses of flowers year after year. In full sun, the flowers open up like a waterlily. They have a height Of 6-8 inches. They are extremely long-lasting!

  • Tulip (Rockery B) Guiseppe Verdi

    This striking variety of mini tulip called 'Giuseppe Verdi' will grow to 20cm tall. 'Giuseppe Verdi' is a small, bulbous perennial with lance-shaped, grey-green leaves with bowl-shaped, bright red flowers edged in yellow. This tulip will flower in early Spring.

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