• Puschkinia Libanotica

    Pale silver blue, tinted white. Height 15cm. Flowering March-April.

  • Scilla Nutans Blue Bell

    Picture a carpet of English bluebells drenched in warm april sunlight; their scented violet-blue bells nod delicately above glossy green foliage. These native beauties love to nestle in dappled shade at the base of trees, or for a particularly bold impact, try naturalising them in large informal areas of grass. Bluebell bulbs are ideal for autumn planting. For spring planting choose bluebells in the green. Height: 30 cm (12").

  • Scilla Siberica

    Dainty spikes of up to five nodding, bell-shaped, violet-blue flowers in March and April and slender, strap-shaped, glossy, mid-green leaves. Siberian squills are perfect for naturalising in areas of semi- shade underneath deciduous shrubs. To achieve a naturalistic display scatter bulbs in bold drifts on the ground, planting them where they fall. They originate from the area around the Black Sea so they are extremely robust.

  • Scilla Tubergeniana

    A pretty early spring-flowering bulb with a basal clusters of narrow green leaves. Clusters of star-shaped silvery blue with darker stripes flowers. Height 10-15cm. Spread 5cm. Flowers from March to April. Herbaceous. Hardy. Harmful if eaten.

  • Snowdrop Galanthus Elwesii

    Snowdrop. A bulbous perennial with grey-green narrow leaves. Dainty, slender white pendant flowers with two green markings inside, strongly honey-scented. Height 15-20cm. Spread 8cm. Flowers from February to March. Herbaceous. Hardy.

  • Tulip (Double Late) Uncle Tom

    Dark red double flower. Strong and long lasting.

  • Tulip (Rockery A) Red Riding Hood

    The Red Riding Hood produces scarlet flowers with variegated foliage.

  • Tulip Black Hero

    Black Hero has large double dark purple flowers that resemble old-fashioned peonies. Flowers April to May.

  • Tulip Lily Flowering White Trumphator

    Spectacular Fluted Tulip (Lily Flowering Tulips). Ht. 60-70cm. Flowers April/May.

  • Tulip Queen of Night

    The classic luscious black tulip with a wonderful satin texture. Tulip 'Queen Of Night' is reliable, long-flowering and with a good reappearance rate year after year - a stalwart of the spring garden.

  • Tulip Single Early Christmas Marvel

    For an absolutely dazzling combination, pair the bright, cherry-pink blooms of Christmas Marvel with carmine-rose Christmas Dream. Fragrant. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. Mid-April. 12".

  • Tulip Single Early Flair

    This perennial bulb has a red bloom with edged with yellow-orange, with green foliage. Great for borders and tubs.

  • Tulip Spring Green

    Tulip. A pretty spring flowering bulb with creamy white flowers with a green sepal. Height 40cm. Spread 15cm. Flowers from March to April. Herbaceous.

  • Tulip Uncle Tom

    Dark red double flower. Strong and long lasting.

  • Tulips (10 pack) 'Short Stemmed' Red Riding Hood

    A pretty spring flowering bulb with carmine-red flowers with a black base. Attractive maroon marked leaves. Height 20cm. Spread 15cm. Flower colour Red. Flowers from March to April. Herbaceous. Hardy. Shelter from strong winds. Skin irritant.

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