• Tulip (Rockery B) Pandour

    'Pandour' is an upright, bulbous perennial with broad, lance-shaped, maroon-mottled, grey-green leaves and in mid-late spring, single, bowl-shaped, scarlet red flowers.

  • Tulip (Rockery B) Show Winner

    'Show Winner' is a dwarf bulbous perennial with bright red flowers in spring.

  • Tulip (short stemmed) Concerto

    Elegant creamy-white flowers with striking black bases, set atop grey-green foliage. Ideal for naturalising. Flowers March-April. Height 10-15cm.

  • Tulip Apricot Beauty

    A pretty spring flowering bulb with soft salmon-pink flowers with orange margins in mid Spring. Height 35cm.

  • Tulip Black Hero

    Black Hero has large double dark purple flowers that resemble old-fashioned peonies. Flowers April to May

  • Tulip Bleu Aimable

    Bleu Aimable' is an upright, bulbous perennial with broad, linear, grey-green leaves and in mid to late spring, tall stems bearing classically shaped, blue-lilac flowers.

  • Tulip China Town

    China Town - a lovely combination of moss green edgeed with phlox pink and carmine rose and a bit of canary yellow at the base topped off with variegated foliage; quite an eyecatcher! 10"-14"; mid-late spring.

  • Tulip Darwin Red (qty x 25)

    Sword-like foliage on a sturdy stem supports the most recognizable flower imported from Holland.Tulips are one of the easiest bulbs to grow. Just plant this fall in well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade for great colour this spring.

  • Tulip Fosteriana Candela

    Bright yellow coloured blooms, mix well with Red Emperor. Height around 35cm.

  • Tulip Fosteriana Orange Emperor

    A strong, early flowering Tulip with a beautiful orange exterior.

  • Tulip Fosteriana Red Emperor

    The colour is of the brightest oriental red, unusual and quite apart from any similar shade in Tulips. The flowers grow to an immense size, about twice as large as any other known Tulip. Height 38cm. Flowering early April.

  • Tulip Fosteriana Soft Secret (qty x 25)

    Fosteriana tulips are quite something special having very broad leaves. They are very fine border subjects because of their brilliant colours and large flowers.

  • Tulip Fosteriana Sweetheart

    Sweetheart is an early-season bloomer that bears lemon-yellow blooms with a broad ivory white edge.

  • Tulip Fosteriana White Emperor

    These tulips have large flowers on tall, sturdy stems which makes them ideal for large scale bedding displays. They are early flowering so the creamy-white flowers appear in late March and April. Because of its strong growth and great performance, this variety has been the prestigious Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society. Even more impressive - the flowers are scented.

  • Tulip Fringed Bergundy Lace

    Burgundy Lace is a bulbous perennial with broad grey-green leaves, and fringed wine red flowers in late spring.

  • Tulip Fringed Fancy Frills

    Ivory white flame on bengal-rose, with a white bengal-rose fringe. Fringed tulips are very showy flowers and make effective cut flowers. The petals are edged with crystal like fringes.

  • Tulip Fringed Hamilton

    'Hamilton' is a bulbous perennial with broad grey-green leaves, and fringed rich yellow flowers in late spring.

  • Tulip Fringed Red Wing

    'Redwing' is a bulbous perennial with broad grey-green leaves, and fringed glowing red flowers in late spring.

  • Tulip Fringed Swan Wings

    'Swan Wings' is a bulbous perennial with pure white fringed flowers in late spring.

  • Tulip Lily Flowering Ballerina

    A lovely lily-flowered tulip with soft tangerine orange flowers, and a heady scent when warmed in the sun. This is a late spring-flowering tulip that looks stunning planted in bold drifts or growing up through forget-me-not flowers.

  • Tulip Lily Flowering Claudia

    Soft purple with white edges. Pointed elegant blooms and narrow leaves make these tulips a distinguished group. Great for beds, borders or as cuts. Lily flowering tulips have long pointed petals that reflex and often are edged with a contrasting color. They are suseptible to wind damage, so plant in somewhat sheltered area.

  • Tulip Lily Flowering Elegant Lady

    This tulip could not be more accurately named than the Elegant Lady Lily Flowering Tulip. This particular tulip has cream coloured petals that fade to an extremely attractive pink color at top of petals, giving it a fairly feminine look. Lily flowering tulips have narrow pointed petals that bow outward and often are edged with a contrasting color. They can be suseptible to wind damage, so plant in somewhat sheltered area.

  • Tulip Lily Flowering Sapporo

    These beautiful tulips bloom with an elegant creamy white color in mid- to late spring. Their bowl-shaped flowers make long-lasting cut blooms and also great border. Lily flowering tulips have narrow pointed petals that bow outward and often are edged with a contrasting color. They can be susceptible to wind damage, so plant in somewhat sheltered area. Special gardening tip: Plant them in beds near a patio or other outdoor sitting area and watch the garden "come to life" in the moonlight!

  • Tulip Lily Flowering West Point

    A lily-flowering tulip, with buttery-yellow, slender, urn shaped flowers with pointed tips. They are quite tall and are known for their long-lasting flowers that are perfect for cutting and look spectacular when fully opened. This is a great variety that has been given the Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society.

  • Tulip Lily Flowering White Trumphator

    Spectacular Fluted Tulip (Lily Flowering Tulips). Ht. 60-70cm. Fl. April/May.

  • Tulip Multiheaded Orange Toronto

    The brilliant colour of the Orange Toronto Bunch Flowering Tulip can't be beat! Blooming with 3 to 5 blooms per stem, these full tulips will go great in the landscape or your favourite vase. This particular variety looks stunning when paired with bi-colored daffodils! Represents perfect love & eternal happiness!

  • Tulip Multiheaded Praestans Fusilier

    Tulip Praestans Fusilier is a perennial bulb with bright multihead red flowers. The flowers appear in Spring to give you a brilliant show in borders and pots.

  • Tulip Multiheaded Quebec

    Tulip Quebec is a rosy red, multi-flowering bloom with broad, creamy and canary-yellow petals. An exciting show of color and shape for your garden.

  • Tulip Multiheaded Toronto

    Toronto - Multi Headed Tulip Flower Bulbs first of many heads start to appear late April producing vibrant jasper red Tulip flowers. Toronto Tulips are capable of growing to a maximum height of 35cm in optimal planting conditions.

  • Tulip Multiheaded Winnipeg

    In a brilliant burst of early spring color, the red-flamed yellow blossoms spread their long pointed petals wide to greet the sunshine. This award-winning Greigii, a sport of 'Toronto' and named to honor another Canadian city, is ideal in rock gardens and containers. A hardy species that naturalizes well.

  • Tulip Parrot Blue Parrot

    Not a true blue as the name might suggest, but it still produces a striking flower. The colour is more a pinkish-lavender-mauve with bronze-purple flushes inside the cup. The deeply fringed and curled petals open up completely to create big plate-like blooms.

  • Tulip Parrot Estella Rijnveld

    Reminiscent of a flamenco dancer, Estella Rijnveld's exotic ruffled petals will dance their way into your heart. One of the showiest tulips anywhere, this vibrant red and creamy white parrot produces flowers with deeply cut, wavy petals and creates a presence that banishes all memories of winter. Plant in groups of 20 to 30 for traffic stopping displays. Excellent for cutting.

  • Tulip Parrot Orange Favourite

    Orange Favourite is a bulbous perennial with broad, lance-shaped, grey-green leaves and, in late spring, single, cup-shaped, fringed, green-marked, orange flowers with yellow bases.

  • Tulip Parrot Rococo

    The petals of this spectacular tulip are a delicious velvety red, edged in fire engine-red and flamed with fine green markings. Finally the entire flower has a soft blue sheen, which seems to intensify further. As with all parrot tulips, these also boast deeply cut petals which give them a fringed look. These are one of the best for cut flowers as their stems create interesting shapes in the vase.

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